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Dear Customer

Older homes electrical systems can be sadly short of safe and convenient switches, receptacles, lighting, and branch circuits, although many times it is difficult and somewhat cost prohibitive to bring an older home up to present day code requirements, some basic items should be considered before undertaking a renovation.

The below list represents basic wiring practices that would provide safe and convenient wiring and also meet the 1993 national electrical code.

1.*Ground fault receptacles installed in bathrooms, basements, garages, near any sinks and

all exterior receptacles.

2. One receptacle every 12ft around the perimeter of a room.

3. One receptacle every 4ft at kitchen counter tops and islands.

note-- a verbal explanation of items # 2 & # 3 is helpful to understand these code


4. Separate dedicated circuits to all major appliances including heating system.

5. Two dedicated circuits to supply kitchen counter top receptacles.

6. *Minimum of a 100 amp 20 circuit main breaker panel a larger panel may be needed depending

on the number of branch circuits and the total electrical demand of the building.

7. *Proper grounding of water pipe system and the installation of a driven ground rod.

8. Switched lighting or switched receptacles for table lamps in every room.

9. Exterior lighting at every exit door.

10. Elimination of unsafe wiring such as open boxes, bare wiring, overloading on any one


11.*Although this item is not and electrical requirement it is a fire code requirement that one

smoke detector line voltage type with battery backup be installed in each bedroom and i

in the proximity (10ft) of all bedrooms and on each level of a dwelling all smoke

detectors should be interconnected so that any one detector will signal all detectors

to sound.

12.* Grounded receptacles ( 3 prong type ).

The above items that have been noted with an * are highly safety related and should be given high priority in any electrical renovation.

Please feel free to call we would be happy to explain in more detail any of the above recommendations and answer any other questions that you might have.

Thank you for contacting pepe electric we are looking forward to hopefully working together, to improve the safety and convenience of your homes electrical system.

Please be assured that if your renovation contract is awarded to us your project will be handled in a professional manner- organization, communication, punctuality and a clean professional job is what we deliver to all are customers.

References are available upon request.